I draw!

Where did I go??

I know this blog has been inactive, but I’m not dead. Right now I’m just super busy but if you want to see my other fandom art, check out: justicewetrust.tumblr.com

Right now it’s mostly (read: all) Yowapeda and Ace Attorney but I’ll be adding variety soon.

No need to follow or anything, just a heads up! I’ll post any Zexal art I make here anyways.


it was 36F outside and snowing and I had no sleeves on and we all froze to take this snow interview meme photo

Mizael: gootarts
Durbe: ulrichstern


Here’s my 1st episode as Ray Shadows in YU-GI-OH! ZEXAL!  I play a kid who breaks bad so I’ll probably win an Emmy.


the only valentines cards i’ll accept are yu-gi-oh cards

(Yes I actually drew this three years ago)

Dub Stream Hiatus

OK Life is being dumb so… I’ll be going on a hiatus on my stream. I’m out both this weekend and next weekend (if any of you are going to Katsucon, message me!) and so I’m not sure when I will be available to stream another episode.

I hope everyone continues to enjoy this gruelingly cold winter as it finally warms up.

some unpublished sketches

No Zexal Dub Stream… again :(

Sorry guys, moving back to school on Sunday and I have my things packed. I should be back on track for there rest of the duel but I cannot stream this week.

Please enjoy and have a safe and happy weekend!

tl;dr everyone is bros with Yuma. [source]

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I know a little bit about the Osaka dialect. It’s got a southern twang in Japan. I believe they use the honorific “han” instead of “san”. They also use different words but same meanings.

Alll I know is that usually in dubs they translate the dialect into a southern US accent.

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I just got back from Japan and if you want to know what to expect/cool shit, hit me up in my inbox yo

I’ll do that once I get closer to my trip date. Thanks!

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I know extremely little Japanese so I don’t think I’ll really notice the dialect, but it’ll be cool to go around the area! I definitely look foward to it.

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So jealous! But one day I’ll go to Japan too!X3

I hope so! My friend and I were originally planning to go to Europe but she managed to convince me to go to China and Japan. I mostly accepted because she at least knows enough of both languages to get around and I wouldn’t have the opportunity to have a guide like that later in my life. Annnd it’s a lot easier to travel around Europe by myself, especially since I’ve been studying French for so long.